Westbury Leigh & Stormore Baptist Church


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Prayers for our world


Dear Lord, please be with all people living through war - teach man to live in peace. Teach us all to think of others and their suffering.

Loving heavenly Father look down in mercy on all the suffering children in the Congo.

We pray for those fighting in Afghanistan and for civilians there.

Dear Lord, help us to forgive others when we feel bitter at the things that are happening in our world.  The treatment of our brothers and sisters in the Congo and other parts of the world.

Lord we pray for the Democratic republic of the Congo. For displaced people, innocent people caught up in war. End the fighting. Heal their land.

Dear Lord, may you bring some kind of order to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Be with the nation as they face a desperate time.

We pray about injustice and conflict in the Roma community in Romania.

We pray for all people who are regarded as second class through race, circumstances, where or how they were born. We pray that we will treat all people that we encounter as equal.